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Weaning help - should I pump?

I am in the process of dropping my morning session.  Yesterday it was fine, but last night, C was a lazy nurser and fell asleep sooner than I had anticipated while he was nursing.  We didn't nurse this morning, and right now I'm getting semi uncomfortable.  Should I pump a little now to relieve the pressure, or should I try to go until bedtime?

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Re: Weaning help - should I pump?

  • I had low supply so I never dealt with this.... but I'd probably try to hand express instead of pump. Just enough to relieve the pressure but not trigger a letdown or signal to produce more milk.
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  • if your goal is to wean, I'd try not to pump unless it gets really really uncomfortable. Are you wearing cabbage leaves? If not, you should put cold cabbage leaves in your bra and change them up every 2-3 hours for fresh ones.


  • I'd try expressing a little by hand before resorting to pumping. I'm assuming you've weaned from the pump already.
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  • No cabbage leaves thus far.  I have not pumped since early last week.  I will do some hand expression. 
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  • hot shower and hand express immediately after. 
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  • When I was weaning from the pump this time around, I hadn't pumped in a week and a half and one day I felt really uncomfortable on one side (I could feel plugged ducts).  I ended up pumping a full pump and was fine after that - and didn't need to do it again.
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