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ugh we experienced our first fever last night.. LO has both bottom teeth pushing through so im certain thats it but boy i was a nervous wreck all night feeling her head constantly. A little tylenol brought it down twice over.. 

anyone else experiencing/experienced this? fever has been anywhere from 100-103 (ear) mostly low grade, hate to call pedi just for teeth! 

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Re: Fever

  • I have heard that anything over 101 is not low grade for a baby. But, maybe I am mistaken. I know my LO had a fever a few weeks ago that was about 100 and she was a mess all day long. Couldn't nap, very fussy, didn't want to eat much. But she had her 6 month shots the day before, and her first flu shot, so I am positive that's what caused it.
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  • Did you strip her of clothing?  That usually brings the fever down instantaneously.  Also, we wipe little ones down with a warm wash cloth and let them air dry.  This seems to bring the fever down along with some Tylenol. GL!
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  • My LO had a fever last week, it got up to 104.6 which resulted in multiple calls to the oncall doctor.  His advice was it's not the temperature you have to worry about but how your baby is acting.  Our LO was acting fine, just had a fever and was sleeping more so he wasn't too concerned. 

    If you think it's from teething I would give a little tylenol and keep an eye one it.  It couldn't hurt to give your pedi a call and see what they say.  If they want you to bring him in, they'll let you know.


    **and I just noticed I was on the wrong board - see some of you ladies in a few months!**

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