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I think M has croup. :(  My internet research is telling me that it's caused by a virus and there's no real treatment or need to go to a doctor as long as he's breathing ok. If he has trouble breathing, we call the doctor. Does that sound right?

ETA: In case anyone is interested, I talked to the pedi and she said they don't need to see him unless he gets worse and really has trouble breathing. They suggested running a humidifier and taking him outside to breathe in cold air if he starts coughing. Hopefully the little guy will get better soon.
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Re: Croup

  • I would call your pedi.

    DS brought home a lovely xmas present from daycare, a nasty cold, that he gave to my Dad (who was visiting) and me. I feel your pain!


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  • We've never had croup and really nothing more than a bad cold, so I definitely don't have firsthand experience, but a coworker of mine's daughter got croup when she was about 2 and it ended up getting really bad to where she was very close to being admitted to the hospital.

    Being a new mom, I'd probably go to the doctor just to be safe.  I also keep thinking of those (probably a bit alarmist) articles in the parents magazines that talk about the dangers of self-diagnosing and how kids aren't getting treatments they should because parents wait thinking they know what's wrong and it turns out to be something more severe. 

    I self-diagnose myself all the time with the help of the web, but I try really hard not to do it with DS. I know it's really rare, but if something serious ended up happening I'd be really upset if just a quick trip to the doctor could have prevented it. 

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  • Good thoughts, I'll call. My main concern about it is that we're leaving town in 3 days, and I don't want it to get worse while we're away.

    I feel like 90% of the time when we go to the pedi for a sick visit, they check him out and say "It's a virus, nothing you can do but let it run it's course." And then I'm out a $25 co-pay and 2-3 hours of sick leave from work, depending on when the appointment is, for basically nothing. Sigh.
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  • DD#1 had croup a while back and was on a nebulizer for it.  She never got so bad that we had to call them in the middle of the night (although they said to call without any hesitation if she was having trouble as it can be serious), but they can really start having difficulty breathing so you need to watch it carefully.  Steamy showers helped, and changes in temp and humiditity (going inside to outside if it is cool outside).  Hope DS feels better soon. 
  • DD had croup around 18mo old, it was the middle of the night, we called the pedi who could tell from the phone, from her breathing, that it was croup; we ran a hot shower and then since she didn't get better, took her to the ER. She got nebulizer treatment and had it for a while at home, too. Since it's cold out, you should take him outside and let him breathe in the cold air, it should make his breathing easier. And I would def. take him in to be seen by a pedi!


  • C had croup about this time last year, I think. In his case, it wasn't a big deal - just the sound was awful. We did take him in to see the pedi and ended up doing a lot of humidifier and steamy baths (can't remember if I was doing Vick's at that age or not, but probably not.). He honestly wasn't that bothered by it, but he sounded so awful that I slept on the floor of his room one night. The next night he was remarkably better.
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