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Feeding schedule help


What is your feeding schedule like? I have an 8 month old that seems to be on a perfect feeding schedule when he is home with me, but the daycare thinks he should be eating more. Just curious how much breast milk, food, and cereal others babies this age are taking in on a daily basis.

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Re: Feeding schedule help

  • Wake at 7ish: nurse

    Hour after waking: 2 oz of fruit mixed with oatmeal

    After first nap: nurse

    Hour after waking: 4 oz of fruit, fruit and veggie mix, or yogurt

    After second nap: nurse

    Dinner: nurse, 4 oz of veggie and bits of what we're having

    Bedtime: nurse

    Plus she gets various snacks like Mum Mums, puffs, yogurt melts, etc. occasionally

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  • Thanks for posting this, I feel like you read my mind this morning. We're having the same challenge with schedule as you with our almost 8 month olds.  My big question is whether they need a bottle with their lunch or if they can go nurse - food - nurse - food. I've heard conflicting things!
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  • Our DC is the same way.  I will say when DD sees us eats she gets envious.  I think that is why in the DC environment she is hungrier seeing other babies eat.

    At home she eats every 3 hrs.  3 solids a day, 2 T cereal, 6 oz bottles, a handful of puffs on maybe a little of what we're eating if it's soft.

    At DC she eats every 1 1/2 hrs. alternating btwn solids and bottles. She will also eat they're breakfast/lunch (yogurt, eggs, biscuits,etc...) plus puffs. This week I reduced her bottles to 4 oz at DC only.

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  • 8 a.m. solids

    9 a.m. - about 6 oz. milk (bm)

    12 p.m. solids

    2 p.m. - about 6 o.z.

    5 p.m. solids

    8 p.m. - about 6 o.z.

    And he still has 1-2 night-time feedings. 

    LO is a big guy, about 24 pounds and 25'' so I am worried he's not getting enough either.  I think we might do one bottle of formula right after his 5 p.m. feeding.  I can't get anymore breast milk to get enough for a late afternoon feeding.

  • 7:30- 2 tablespoons fruit, 3 tablespoons oatmeal (with formula)

    9:00am 6oz bottle

    12:00pm- 2 tabelspoons veggie 6oz bottle

    3:00pm- 5oz bottle

    5:30pm- 2 tabelspoons fruit, 3 tablespoons rice cereal

    8:30pm -8oz bottle.

    Depending on his naps times can vary

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  • Riley does 4 6oz bottles, 3 full jars of 3rd foods & some table foods. This is her typical schedule

    7:00 - 6oz bottle

    9:00 - 1 jar 3rd food fruit

    10:00 - 6oz bottle

    12:00 - 1 3rd food veg & some fruit dices

    1:00 - 6 oz bottle

    4:00 - 6oz bottle

    6:00 - 1 3rd veg & some table food bits of pasta or veggies

    7:00/:30 6oz bottle.

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  • 6 a.m.- 6-8 oz of formula**

    8 a.m.- 2 oz fruit, 2 oz yogurt

    10 a.m.- 6-8 oz of formula

    12 p.m.- 2 oz veggies, a few crunchies and puffs (sometimes another 1-2 oz of yogurt)

    2 P.M.- 6-8 oz of formula

    5 P.M. 2 oz of a meat/veggie mix, 1-2 oz of another fruit or veggie

    6:30-7 P.M.- 6-8 oz of formula

    **I always offer her 8 oz. Sometimes she finishes it; sometimes she doesn't.

    Also, her schedule is a little different at day care so far as the time she eats, but she gets the same amount of food/formula offered to her.

    Our sweet girl is 3!

    Lilypie - (R7Ux)

  • Thanks everyone for responding. I think we need to tie down a better schedule with daycare and these will help me.
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