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Just wanted to introduce myself!! I was an avid participant on when my husband and I got married. And I have been planning on joining if and when we got pregnant. However, that has not been the easiest roads to go down so I kept waiting and waiting. However, today I was "lurk"ing on here, and I found the Trouble TTC board and others and was so encouraged that there was such a community of support out I thought I'd join before the actually bump came along (provided it ever does). So, here's my story:


My husband is in the military, which in and of itself puts a cramp in TTC.  Anyhow, we have been TTC for almost 3 years now. We know the issues and are battling them, but so far we're fighting a losing battle. 

We were finally able to get pregnant this past May, but we ended up in the ER due to some strange pains I was having. I was early (only about 4 weeks) and the doctors couldn't see a fetus in my uterus, but they saw a strange mass in my falopian tube (which turned out to be a blood clot). So, we had to decide whether to have the emergency surgery to remove the mass - which would result in the miscarriage of a possible healthy fetus that was just too early to be detected. Or run the risk of it rupturing my falopian tube. We went ahead with the surgery. We still to this day do not know if the fetus was healthy and the surgery miscarried it or if there was actually a fetus attached to that blood clot. Two weeks to the day of this surgery, my husband deployed to Iraq for a year (well, Iraq for 6 months, and Kuwait for 6 months - but gone is gone, no matter where they are). To say it's been a rough year is an understatement... 

Anyway, I look forward to being a part of this community and giving and receiving support that people who haven't been on this battle field can't understand (boy, you sure can tell I'm an Army wife).  

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Re: Newbie :)

  • This almost felt like I was looking in a mirror! My husband is in the AirForce and we lost a baby at 8 weeks almost 3 years ago. We are just TTC and I just started peeking around on here too. Just keep swimming and chin up :)
    The Ross Family :)
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