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Target nurse-in

I got this from a Mom's group I belong to and am passing it on:

Target in Houston, TX asked a nursing mother to hide herself in a fitting room and that she could get a ticket for indecent exposure. The employees stated they were taught this in their employee training. 
There will be a national nurse-in in all Target stores to show support that nursing is natural and Target should change their policies. 
The nurse-in will be tomorrow, Wed. the 28th from 10am-12ish at the Springfield Target.


Re: Target nurse-in

  • wait, this happened in Texas, but there is a nurse-in in Springfield, Va?

    Has anyone checked to see if this is actually in Target employee training? I regularly see women nursing at my Target (one particularly talented lady was nursing an infant with one hand with a couple other kids in tow while checking out--impressive!) 

  • Dear BH,

    Yep. I've been through the training. If I recall correctly, corporate and store policy is that women may BF anywhere in the store. If a guest asks a team member for a private location, it is suggested to offer the dressing rooms (and if I recall correctly, nursing women get priority. They may not be requested to leave a dressing room if there is a line waiting).

     From what I have read about this story (admittedly, I haven't looked into it much), a team member went against Target standard policy and approached a guest who had NOT asked for a private location. If my understanding is correct, action should be taken against the team member (and the surrounding team members who were watching/gawking, IIRC), but I don't think people should "protest" the stores. I am all for supporting nursing, and making the public realize that it is normal. So if they are intending general public awareness intent, then yes, do it. But I think some people are doing it to punish (maybe that isn't the best word? Protest?) the stores as opposed to generating public awareness. I hope they realize that corporate policy already, ACTIVELY allows breastfeeding.

    Aaaaaaaaand, now I am off to read more about the story to make sure I haven't missed anything!    :)

    Breast regards,




    ETA: Hmmmmm, sounds like the woman had a poopy discussion with someone at corporate guest relations after the fact. Now it sounds a little more of a worthwhile cause, since it has escalated and she had issues at both the store and corporate levels. Also sounds like there is discussion/complaint about the use of women nursing "discretely" in the policy.

    image image image
  • I think that no matter what the law or store policy is, personal discomfort or ignorance by individual employees always seems to trump the nursing mom.  I think more education would help and certainly more public awareness will expose everyone to the idea that this isn't pornography but mealtime.  And while I am supportive of nurse-ins, I have never actually gone to one.  That said, I have nursed countless times in public (and still do) with no problems, I think the tide for babies and moms is turning.  I do get funny looks sometimes, but I would get them if I had a screaming unhappy child as well, so I opt for the one the one that brings me more sanity.        
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