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Hunger strike in 1 year old?

 H has always been a pretty good eater. There are few foods she really just doesn't like, but she's never had issues with appetite.

The past few days she's been sick - for the first time ever - with a cold, fever, cough, etc and has basically refused to eat most actual food. I know this is probably related to the cold and/or teething.

She'll take bottle of formula fine (though rarely drinks the whole thing) but normal meals she used to eat are a fail. So far all I can really get her to eat is her morning breakfast (oatmeal, applesauce and yogurt) and cheerios, cheese, and blueberries. Tongue Tied Oh and sometimes she is willing to eat one of those squeeze pouches of veg/fruit.

This has been going on for a few days now and I'm starting to get really frustrated. How the heck do I get food in her?  Normally I'd try to get a jar of stage 3 Earth's Best in her, but at her 1 year visit today the doctor said to lay off the jarred foods and yellow/orange veg and fruits because she is developing carotenosis (or whatever that is called where you turn yellowish - not jaundice). Should I try just giving her formula if she refuses to eat solid foods? I don't want her to starve but I also don't want to give in and then we do a backslide from solid foods.


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Re: Hunger strike in 1 year old?

  • None of my three kids eat well when they're sick.  Your LO is getting a cold for the first time ever?  That's really great!  I wouldn't worry about a few days.  If it stretches into many weeks, that'd be different.
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  • Yep. I know we're reaaaaally lucky we've made it this long without some kind of illness, but I guess not being in daycare helps. She literally turned one and the next day got a fever and this mess (and then lovingly passed it right on to DH and I!)

    Thanks for the BTDT check though. Hopefully once she feels better she will get back to normal with the eating.


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  • image belizeitornot:

    So far all I can really get her to eat is her morning breakfast (oatmeal, applesauce and yogurt) and cheerios, cheese, and blueberries. 

    This describes at least 50% of DD's daily diet, so if she's eating these thing she's doing fine.  (DD is actually a great eater, but those are constants in her diet.)  Have you tried something like peas?  DD love peas and they probably have similar mouth feel to blueberries.  We buy the single serving microwave steam bags and they're so easy.  

  • if her throat her hurts, she won't eat; this may last quiet a few days and it's normal; the most impt thing is to keep her hydrated. She will eat when she's hungry. Try ice cream as it'll feel good on her throat.

    It is also very common for kids to become very picky eaters after their 1st b-day but in H's case, I think it's the illness. And yes, you are very lucky it's her 1st one!! You did a great job keeping her well for a year!!


  • sounds pretty familiar for a sick baby.  Nathan will drink an extra bottle or two when he's sick and will eat about 50% of what he typically eats in a day.  Hope H feels better soon!
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  • That sounds like typical sick kid behavior to me. M usually eats very little when he's sick. (I often don't eat as much when I'm sick either, so it seems normal to me.) If she has a sore throat, things like applesauce and yogurt might be soothing.
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