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10 month old twins...playseum? other ideas?

friends are coming wed-fri.....i am thinking building museum or playsuem with their little girls (just barely barely walking)....any other ideas? it is going to be pretty cold out i think so just strolling around might not be the best idea.

Re: 10 month old twins...playseum? other ideas?

  • You should go to Brookside Gardens and look at the train exhibit in the conservatory. LO loves it.
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  • I think they may be too young to really enjoy the Playseum, and you have to pay admission for both kids AND adults, so it gets pricey. The building museum is a good idea. At that age, kids are mostly happy to be out and seeing new things, so you could probably go to any of the museums downtown and they'd be happy just looking around, and it would also be entertaining for the adults. We took M to the Natural History Museum last weekend and he loved it (granted, he's a little older).
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  • Ditto pps  - DS is 10 months and really likes people watching and seeing new things, regardless of where they are or if we'd consider it "fun" or "kid friendly". He loves to be outside, even if it's cold - he actually giggles and gets excited when he feels the wind in his face and hair. 

    From someone who's been travelling with LO a lot lately, I'd say to defer to the parents on what they'd like to do and don't worry so much about planning outings.  With DS sometimes it's a lot easier and more enjoyable to stay at the house of the people we're visiting and just let DS play with his toys and take his regular naps while we enjoy the time with our friends/family.  To him, the new house is a new and interesting place anyway!

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  • The Botanical Gardens in D.C. also have a train exhibit which is going on right now. It's free and we went on Monday and my son really enjoyed it.  Some of the miniature trains are from Thomas and Friends. You can then walk through the rest of the botanical gardens and see lots of nice plants, flowers, etc.
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