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Christmas Dinner Vent

I just need to get this vent out, because I try not to complain about my inlaws to my H, but I am feeling riled up.  I am a pescatarian, so I eat fish and shellfish, but no other types of meat.  I really try not to be demanding, and I can usually always find things to eat, especially since my inlaws live on the gulf coast, so seafood is plentiful.  Also I will eat around meat when possible in certain dishes (like i pick sausage off pizza if I am the only one who would want a meat-free version).

My mother in law made two seafood based dishes for christmas today, and she and my sister in law swore up and down that there was absolutely no sausage in either one.  Well there was, and it was ground up very fine, much to small to pick out easily.  I dont care if they make traditional family recipes that I cannot eat, but please do not lie to my face that it does not contain meat!  There were plenty of other things for me to eat, but it put me in an off mood.

Anyway, that is my stupid vent for the evening.  It has been a long holiday weekend, and I have spending a lot of time with my inlaws, and this coupled with other comments over the weekend, put me over the edge.  I am telling myself, that this is a small thing compared to real issues that other people have with their families, and I need to gain some perspective.  Also I need to be a gracious guest for the next day and half and then I probably will not see them again for at least another 6 months.

I feel better now that I have gotten that out.  Thanks!



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    "I am telling myself, that this is a small thing compared to real issues that other people have with their families, and I need to gain some perspective."

     I just posted a vent about the present my ILs got for us, and I agree with this statement.  I just need to be happy that they are supportive and this is a minor "problem" to have.  :)  Only a couple more days! 

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    Actually, that is kind of rude and it would really piss me off as well.  That is just devious and deceitful behavior and quite disrespectful.  I am sorry that happened. 
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    Your complaint is legit in my books and normally I never side with self-imposed dietary restrictions.

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    I follow the same diet as you, I jokingly call myself a "fishiterian". I would be choked!! I am sorry they did that to you, that's unacceptable. Despite knowing I'm allergic to nuts, my MIL loves to put them in things, even bringing dishes to my house that contain them!
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    In the beginning of November, my MIL sent an email asking what everyone wanted for Christmas Dinner. I told her I can't eat soft cheeses, etc, and that smells are very difficult for me. DH and I requested Turkey (or Ham). We showed up yesterday. She had some kind of soft cheese stuffed pastery. Spinach dip with another soft cheese. Tuna dip. Then made the smelliest ribs I have ever smelled. And macaroni and cheese with 4 different types of cheese, including one soft.

    So what did I eat? NOTHING. I'm sorry, but my relationship with my MIL is completely non-existant, especially now. Maybe i'll go sulk and eat my bag full of bruised pears, beef stick, and WINE cheese ball from her.


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