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Postpartum Depression

Is this the depression or am I just being a b!tch to MIL?

MIL is staying with us for two weeks for the holidays. I'm only three days in, and it's going horribly. I'm four weeks into taking Prozac for PPD, and it really seems to be helping. But these last few days, having someone else around when my kids are overwhelming me is making me feel really out of control. I'm snapping at her when she tries to help because trying to be polite to her while I'm trying not to scream at the kids already is just too much. The babies have ear infections, which has been going on for two months straight. I'm trying to get all this Christmas stuff done even though our house is a mess, and I'm overwhelmed just trying to figure out a clean surface to wrap presents on. 

If I could keep my cool, she could help. But she needs very explicit instructions with everything, and I just can't figure it out enough to explain it, you know? So everybody is mad at me. And seriously, I'm back to wanting to sit in the garage with the car running.

I don't know how to apologize or how to make things better. I feel like a crazy person telling her "Please don't talk when the babies are crying at me" or "Make yourself at home, but don't put your stuff THERE or I will freak out." 

Does this sound familiar to anyone? Is this the depression, or am I just being irrational because I'm a b!tch? 


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Re: Is this the depression or am I just being a b!tch to MIL?

  • It's the depression! I feel the same way, except I snap at my husband when the kids are crazy... i let it out on him so I don't on the kids...

    Does she know what's going on with you and the PPD? Can your husband sit her down and explain it to her?

    Are you seeing a counselor? Can you make an appt to see them? Maybe they could give you tips on how to deal with her?

    Sending big hugs! 

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  • I feel the exact same way. I snap at everyone (mostly those closest to me - DH and my parents) for everything. Then I feel horrible after and even more depressed because I feel like a ***.

    I think maybe it's the depression with the stress of the kids/holidays as well. At time like this, sitting in the garage with the car running sounds like a good idea.

    I am a week into a new antidpressant - maybe we need to give them more time to work?

    Good luck and dont worry - the holidays will be over soon (I personally can't wait til they're are done).


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