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Did you leave/make anything for LO's classmates?

A few of the kids/moms in DD's class made each kid a little something.  Did anyone do this for your LO's classmates?  i'm sad I didn't think of it! 

One boy brought in a little Happy Hanukkah bag full of things, another girl and her mom made chocolate dipped pretzel sticks, and today another girl's mom brought in a hand knitted winter hat for each kid!

DD's class is only 13 kids, I wish I would have thought of something cute like that!

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Re: Did you leave/make anything for LO's classmates?

  • no, but I think we will next year.

    I just got GCs for DD's teachers this year, but when we brought them, she was clearly disappointed that she wasnt' giving them "presents" so I think we will do something creative next year.  I'm just so un-crafty, its not in my nature, but for DD's sake, I need to figure it out.

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  • We did glitter filled and gingerbread homemade playdough for each kid and tied a gingerbread man cookie cutter to each jar.
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  • I filled little snowman bags with some snowman bubbles, nativity lacing cards, a Christmas themed book of mazes, and a little Christmas scratch and Sniff book.

    Pretty much Oriental Trading Company is my go to for those types of things.

    She brought home some neat stuff - a couple of nice Scholastic books from classmates, some Magical Reindeer Food, some cans of playdoh.


  • We made two NutterButter Snowmen for each kid, wrapped them in a cello baggie with some ribbon and a tag that said From: Ben. Pretty easy, but cute and festive! 
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  • I made gingerbread play dough for the kids in Eva's class.  I put a ball of it in a little bag and attached a cookie cutter.
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