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Help with middle name for Estelle

Our second daughter is due in 2 weeks. We are pretty sure on the first name - Estelle. Her last name (also French) is long and almost unpronoucable in English!

We are looking for something short and simple, to balance the long name. Preferably bilingual so that both of our families can pronounce it. Some ideas we like are: Kate (me), Chloe (DH), and Anne (me).

Do you have any suggestions for us? TIA.

 (p.s. what do you think of Estelle?)

Re: Help with middle name for Estelle

  • Estelle is beautiful! I like Anne the best of the three choices you mentioned. I also like Marie.

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  • Estelle Grace sounds nice :) I like Estelle Anne out of the choices you gave though :)

  • Estelle is nms. Out of the three I would choose Kate. I don't think Chloe or Anne sounds good with Estelle.
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  • Estelle June.  Its the first thing that popped into my head.
  • Estelle Kate out of those choices. I also like Estelle Louise.
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  • I thought French either of these spellings

    Karine or Kareen or ?Carine


    We are using Estelle or Estella ?for middle name if girL

    his gram is Stella and mine is Estelle ...LoVe iT!!!!!

  • Estelle Marie is the first thing that came to mind, as soon as I saw the title.  Marie is a popular French name as well, isn't it?  It should be easy for your relatives to pronounce.  Good luck!
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  • Paige, Yvette, Ynes (z), Mae, Camile, Camila, Carlotta, Bette, Bridgett, Nicola, Naomi.  ooh, how cool these French baby girl names are!
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