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Birth Story for Sebastian Jon (LONG Labor-end in C-section)

Sebastian Jon was born on Fri, Dec 16th at 10:38 AM! Weighing 7 lbs 3 oz and 21 inches long.


It was supposed to be an induction on thursday at 5:30 AM, but I started contracting on my own at 2:30 AM, and when I got to the hospital and they checked me at 8, I was dialated to 3 cm, and the Dr said we didn't have to do the pitocin!


I had wanted to go as natural as possible, so I was working through contractions mainly walking and using the birthing ball at this point. At 1 PM I was 4 cm, and at 5 PM I was 5 cm. At 8 PM the Dr checked me and I was between a 5-6, and she wanted to either give me a low dose pitocin, or break my water. I opted to break my water, because I really wanted to be able to use the shower. The contractions started getting even more intense, and it was getting very hard to work through them. I went in the shower, which did seem to help somewhat. My DH was an AMAZING support person throughout this whole entire thing, and I am so very thankful for him...


When she checked me at 10 PM , I was still only a 6, and I could not take the contractions coming right on top of each other, less than a minute apart. I got some IV drugs (forgot name, not Demerol), but it did not touch the pain whatsoever, so I wanted to get the epidural. The Dr was in to do it in less than 20 minutes, and the whole process took about 15 minutes or so. Let me tell you though, having a strong contraction while needing to be completely still was SOO hard! It started working, and was stronger on the left side, so I Was still able to feel some pain on the right, but much much better....


At 12:00 AM  I was 7 CM, 80% effaced, and -1 station... slowly but surely at this point. At 2:15 I was 8 CM, and at 4:30 AM I was finally 10 CM. The Dr gave me the option of 'laboring down' instead of pushing right away, hopefully making it so I didnt have to push as long. I labored down for about an hour and started pushing at 5:30.


And I pushed, and pushed... until a little after 9 AM. Dr said I was making a little progress, but still not enough. I had a bit of a fever for the past few hours, and while pushing , there was some meconium in the water. When they broke my water though earlier there was no meconium. SO.... Dr said it was time for a c-section to get this baby out...


So they prepped me, and Sebastian Jon was born at 10:38 AM. I had some bad reactions and was very nauseous after the c-section, and had violent shakes... so I was pretty delirious for about an hour afterward...




but it was very worth it. It's been really hard adjusting and not sleeping, but we are so in love with our boy... and I've fallen even more in love with my DH after this whole long labor and delivery, and seeing him with our son.

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Re: Birth Story for Sebastian Jon (LONG Labor-end in C-section)

  • BIg CONGRATS to you both he is beautiful!!!Party!!!YesSmile
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  • What a story! And he is so cute. Congrats! Hope you get more sleep soon.
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  • Congrats to you and your hubby, Sebastian is very beautiful!! It must be the drugs they give you durning the c-section; ours was planned, but besides the horrible itching, I had a hard time following converstations and just focusing on anything for at least an hour! Enjoy your sweet boy together!!
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