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New here

I had no idea they had this board.
My son is 6 was diagnosed with ADHD.  It has been a tough road but he is getting better :) 
Just wanted to introduced my self.


Re: New here

  • Hi!  Can I ask what sort of things you noticed that made you decide to get him checked out?  And how did you go about getting him diagnosed? 

    My stepson has been displaying some signs that I would classify as not normal 8 year old behavior, he doesn't act out, but when he does homework it's as though his brain is blocking him from figuring out the answers.  He also has been in school a week and had 3 assignments he hadn't turned in, even though they were done.

    We want to get him looked at for ADHD, but we are unsure if his mom will agree to take him, she seems to think all of his behaviors are funny.  We thought about asking the teacher to see if she notices, then tell his mom about it.
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  • Hello!  I have a 2.5 yr old DD w/ Turner's Syndrome.  I don't post all that often, but I'm glad that this board is here.  

    Your siggy pic is so cute, is he singing a Bon Jovi song?  LOL.  =)
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  • Your siggy pic is so cute, is he singing a Bon Jovi song? LOL. =)

    Yes he is :)  I took him to their concert for his birthday last February.  We were 2 rows up from him!  My son loves all types of music, but Bon Jovi is his favorite :)
  • Welcome!

    You'll find a wide range of special needs here, and we're all with you!

    DS b. 5/9/2008
    Erb's Palsy injury at birth
  • Welcome! 
    My 13 year old loves Bon Jovi!  They were a huge part of my teenage years and now my daughter listens to them.....weird!

    Your son is adorable!
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