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amajane - are you here???

Re: amajane - are you here???

  • I'm here. Uh, what does nft mean, anyway?
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  • it means "no further text"

    you have to type something in the text box - seemed as good as anything...

    anyway - I'm just kinda freaking out - I don't understand any of this stuff

    I know that E2 dropping can mean I'm going to ovulate but doesn't your LH have to surge to make you ovulate? 
    Cause that isn't gonna happen - since it dropped to .2 - shouldn't it have been rising?

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  • That's what I would think. LH typically surges 24-36 hours before ovulation. Did you repeat your LH? Why not test your progesterone? That tends to increase when your follicles are getting close to maturing. I'm not really sure what to think. At our clinic we don't test LH, just E2 and P4. You can have a P4 >2 and not be ovulating but it means you're getting pretty darn close. You can also look at the endometrial lining to see if it is "lutenizing" which means that P4 is affecting your lining and you are very close to ovulation. I don't mean to freak you out. I'm just trying to make sense of it all. Are you still being monitored? Hmm, I really want to ask one of our REs. I think I'll call tomorrow. Which RE/fertility center are you at?
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  • By all means call someone! I'd love to hear what they say!

    Technically no - I am not still being monitored - I am supposed to trigger tomorrow and then have ER on Monday but I am seriously considering insisting on being seen again tomorrow for more labs - however I don't know if they can get blood work results back on a Saturday.

     As far as I know they haven't tested my P4... just E2 and LH... I'm seriously losing any hope for this cycle...

  • No! Don't lose hope. I was looking at your siggy that showed that your follicles are still growing. I think you'll be fine! I'll email our doc tonight and see if she gets back to me. I'll let you know as soon as I hear from her. Every clinic and every doc does different protocols. We have what works for our patients, your RE has what works for his patients. I don't think you doc is doing anything wrong- it just seems unusual because I am not familiar with it. But as long as you get pregnant with a healthy baby that is all that matters!
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  • I realize that things could still turn out ok - it's just hard to stay optimistic with so much up in the air you know - it's such a roller coaster!!

    It is good that my follies are still growing - that's just about the only thing I feel good about right now :) I had 15 yesterday (1 at 11mm, 3 at 13mm, 1 at 18mm, and the other 10 are 14 & 15mm).  My lining is good too.

    It's all just so weird that my bloodwork doesn't reflect whats going on - you'd think with 15 good size follies my E2 would be higher - especially since it started out so high.

    Ugh - who knows :)  I keep alternating between being very angry and wanting to just quit now and trying to just relax and trust that my doc knows what he is doing...  my clinic does have the best success rates in our area.

    Thanks so much for letting me bounce this stuff off of you - it helps to hear another perspective.

  • Can you give me a synopsis again of when your AF started and when you stopped lupron. I was trying to find your post the other night when you had all that bleeding and thought the cycle was over. Or if you can just copy and paste what you wrote into another post, I'd appreciate it. The more info the better! Thanks!
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  • I can give you the run down here:

    8/18 (CD 21) started 10 units lupron

    continued on lupron

    8/21 had first suppression check - E2 was still at 189 and not AF yet

    continue on lupron

    8/31 finally start AF

    9/3 had second suppression check - E2 down to 74
    RE instructs me to stay on 10 units of lupron until further notice - this is not typical protocol for him though - he usually has patients do last lupron injection the night before stims begin - but he wants me to stay on for a few more days since my E2 isn't as low as he'd like

    9/4 being stims - 300 units of gonal f (a pretty high dose - but I am overweight)

    9/8 first stim check/follie scan - 11 follies btwn 10mm and 14mm - E2 up to 665, LH 1.0.  RE says to stop lupron immediately - do 300 units gonal f tonight and then drop to 225 units for the next 2 nights

    9/11 second stim check/follie scan - 15 follies btwn 11mm and 18mm - E2 dropped to 550 and LH dropped to 0.2 - RE says to do 225 units gonal f tonight then 150 units tomorrow night.  Also add 75 units Luveris to last 2 stim doses. 

    Later that day cervical bleed starts - I think it's AF.

    9/12 After pelvic and u/s it's determined that it's my cervix and has nothing to do with the IVF cycle.  Went to my ob/gyn today and he says it's just really irritated (who knows why - haven;t had intercourse or anything and had a normal pap 3 months ago).  He put some stuff on it to make it stop bleeding.

    So thats the jist - no more monitoring appointments unless I insist on coming in tomorrow.  Triggering 9/13 at 9:00pm and having ER 9/15 @ 7:45am


  • Thanks Hannah!
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  • ps (maybe TMI) - when I had the u/s and pelvic because of the bleeding the RE saw my cervix bleeding and can see on the u/s sound that my lining had gotten thicker since the day before.  It went from 11 to 12.  Ob/gyn confirmed that he could see my cervix was very irritated (but nice and closed) and bleeding on the outside - not from the opening.
  • no problem - thank you for sharing all your helpful knowledge with all of us TTTC ladies!!
  • I just emailed one of our REs. Hopefully she'll get back to me by Sunday night. If not, I work next weekend so I'll ask one of them while I'm there.
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