Special Needs

What do you do ...

#1 - When you are burnt out on SN issues and you just need to DO for YOU?

#2 - When the bottomless pit we call the INTERNET overwhelms you with info & doesn't answer ANY of your many many questions & you feel a little freakish for having just spent the last 5 hours searching for someone to quench your thirst of acceptance...



#1: I like to paint. Mostly, I just paint for other peoples nurseries or just for fun. I also love to sit on my porch and drink Coffee or Veg. in front of a movie. Or listen to Harry Connick Jr. or Frank Sinatra - LOUD!

#2: I sign off. I hug my kids. I tell my hubby to NOT let me do that again for a while. I probably shut the computer down & go grab my New King James for a little undivided 'us' time.
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Re: What do you do ...

  • 1. I normally just listen to music or sit outside by myself.

    2. I shut off the computer!
  • 1. I like photography- of anything really.  Flowers, the kids, etc.

    2. I usually cry- then tell myself that the internet is not the only answer and not let myself get on the computer again for a while.  Then go hang out with my DH and kiddos and tell myself that everything will be ok.

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  • 1 - Take a Saturday or Sunday afternoon and go shopping with my daughter or hang out with my girlfriends or go out for lunch with my hubby.

    2 - Cry.  Then I grab my son (or stand over his bed if he's asleep) and look back at how he has amazed everyone and remind myself that no baby (or person) is a text book case of anything.  Then I put on some mindless reality TV and lose myself in others' stupidity.  :)
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