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EI or call school district for speech eval?

My soon to be 3 year old (or one of them), the ped and his ENT feels could have a speech delay.  I thought that after year 3, the school district would do a free eval on the kids if you call and put in writing and it wasn't EI's role; I thought it was EI from 0-3 and then district (where it was provided and I know it is in our district) from 3 on?  *I'm a former special ed. teacher but taught middle school* ad

Re: EI or call school district for speech eval?

  • EI till 3.  School 3+ you are correct.   I would get the ball rolling w/ ei.  They know the school people and could probably get you set up w/ the right contacts.

    Our EI eval took over a month and I had a newborn that needed services asap so I was pushing everyday.  So it does take 4+ weeks. 

    Good luck!
  • I agree.  A one month head start = one more month of help.  We've done only 12 weeks of speech and it has helped TREMENDOUDSLY!!!!  Each week is worth it.   PLUS... EI's usually come out to the house, so your first several visits might be more intimate where you can hash out all your questions.  I dont know about 3+, maybe its the same.
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  • In PA after age 3 kids go through the intermediate unit.  I don't know if this is true in every state though.


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  • Hi Mommy. I don't have an outside baby yet, so I've never posted on this board before, but I have a sister and 2 cousins that all have severe disabilities and just finished graduate school for special education so I periodically browse on it. Hopefully this will be of some help to you... Its different for every state, but in most states there's a 0-3 program and after 3 the public schools take over with pre-school services. If the pediatrician feels like there is a speech delay, but it hasn't been diagnosed yet (and he didn't give you any numbers to call) one option is to go through child find. You can get the contact information for your local child find by logging on to your local school district's website. Look for a special education link. There should be something like parent resources or it may say something like "if you think you're child has a delay, contact...". Child find is free, so its nice to be able to go through that when possible. After the screening, they'll be able to give you more information as to local resources. Best wishes to you and your boys...
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  • you should be able to get the evaluation done at either place at this time.  schools are supposed to have an IEP (if needed) in place for the child's 3rd birthday, so they should be used to evaluating children in their late two's.  To expedite the process with the schools, it is best to put your request for the evaluation in writing. 

    You could also go through EI in order to get the services started and to have them walk you through the school process.
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