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LO refuses all solids.

Holy crap it's been a long time since I've been on the bump!

Anyway, my baby won't eat solids at all.  I've tried cereal at various consistencies/temperatures.  I have also tried several different fruit/veggie purees.  She doesn't seem to particularly dislike the taste of any of them.  She just refuses to open her mouth to try most of the time.  If I'm lucky enough to get a bite in her mouth, she pushes it right out with her tongue.  The real problem is she's tiny.  7 months old and 13 lbs, which is the 2nd percentile.  The pedi says I have to get more calories in her to see if she'll gain weight.  Any suggestions?

Oh, and she's breastfed.  Still eats every 3 hours or so.  Sleeps 9-12 hours at night, so I think she's getting full. 

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Re: LO refuses all solids.

  • Baby-led weaning. LO hates me feeding him, but loves feeding himself. It took him a few weeks to figure it out, but this morning (for example) he had half a pear, a few slices of a mandarin orange, and some yogurt (spread on a small tupperware lid because he hates the spoon).

    The book ("Baby Led Weaning") is excellent.

  • What Token said. You can read my post a few days ago and all the great ideas I got from people. My kid is just like yours with the exception of the weight issue. I'm giving BLW a chance, I just haven't gotten around to read the book. GL.
  • I am having the same issue, except he used to love the food!!! I thought about BLW, but he chokes on the tiniest of things and then throws up all over. At this point, I am letting him help me with the spoon (which he will mostly do) or using my finger to feed him.

  • Is she teething? DS enjoyed solids until he started teething. Now he pretty much refuses it.
  • My DD hates to be fed.  The only way I could get her to eat solids was to just start giving her tiny portions of what we eat, she goes crazy for solids now!  It was scary at first because she gagged a lot, but after a few days she got used to it and happily munches away on her dinner :)
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