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Thanks for your comment in my post on sunday - we just got an appointment with early intervention this week and we should be getting PT soon to help with the hypotonia - its good to hear that it helps!  

I like your new picture of your little one!   
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Re: *amajane*

  • I am so glad for your good news! Sometimes I think hypotonia is as challenging for me as it is for DD. I have to be really diligent everyday with her PT. I am just so motivated to get her on track with other babies her age. One thing you may experience (as I do) is many other moms saying how quickly their DC's learned to sit up, crawl, stand and walk. Like one day their DC was practicing and 'click' it just happened. Well it rarely works they way with hypotonia. For example, Marley has been learning how to sit up for almost a month now. She still can't sit up unassisted but we're getting there one day at a time. Her progress is measured in small increments- there are no big leaps for her. At times it can feel really discouraging but I have to remind myself that she WILL learn to sit, to stand, to walk- all on her own time. So don't be surprised if your DS doesn't gain skills as quickly as his peers. But know that's okay. You just keep working with him and loving him the best you can and he will amaze you in ways you can't imagine.
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  • Sorry to butt in but I just wanted to say that I totally agree with you when it comes to hypotonia.  My daughter has global hypotonia and it feels like every milestone is a hard fought battle. 

    She is 20 months and just figured out how to crawl a month ago.   What makes me laugh (sometimes cry) are the people who see me helping her stand and they say "oh look, she'll be walking any day now."  Um, no.  She won't.  I wish she would but like everything else it will take time.

    I will say that every time my daughter learns something new I feel this huge sense of pride and accomplishment for her (and me).  And PT (with consistent work at home) has helped a lot.

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