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infant strokes ?

My BFF had her beautiful baby girl Sunday afternoon.  By monday morning she had started having seizures.  They have her in the NICU and have done tons of tests.  The MRI shows that the baby had a stroke - probably prior to birth.  They are waiting for the neurologist to give them the full report but the initial information that they have received shows that the stroke happened in the part of the brain that controls motor skills.  She doesn't seem to have any obvious paralysis - both arms and legs are moving and her facial muscles seem to be working.

I know there is a girl that used to post on the parenting board whose dd had a stroke - or anyone whose dc has been through something similiar.  I know every case is different I just want to know what questions we should be asking.


Re: infant strokes ?

  • her blog is babystrokesteps.blogspot.com, another mommy to a stroke survivor is at themommyproject.com My son started having apnea which was seizure activity on an EEG and a CT showed brain swelling...not a stroke but a similiar "injury" from birth. Noah is almost 11 months and thriving, he is completely, "normal". I also have a blog, parentdise.blogspot.com best wishes to your friend
  • My son was born on 11-10 too =)
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  • Thanks so much.  I have been looking at the one blog and now I am off to search the other. 
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