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A little upset

So next week we have out big anatomy ultrasound. DH may have a house set the same day and I said to him "please make sure they know we have an appointment that afternoon." He proceeds to tells me he doesn't think he can make it. This really upset me, and depending on weather, the point may be moot, but I haven't asked him to come to any other appointment and I think this one is pretty important. He hardly ever takes time off, and I just thought this was something worth telling his boss "hey, I need to be at the doctor this afternoon."

Am I being irrational? 

Re: A little upset

  • Not at all! Maybe you need to talk to him bout how important this u/s is. If there's one appt he should be at, this is it! GL - I hope he makes it!
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  • I would be upset too! I would definitely ask him if he can reschedule his appointment or have someone else take it for him, if possible. If it's something that has a huge commission or other source of income associated with it, I could understand him not wanting to rock the boat. But if it's something that could be rescheduled or given to someone else, I'd encourage him to do it.
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  • I totally understand your feelings.  I'd also explain to him that it's not just the "fun appointment" where you get to see the sex of the baby but you also make sure that the baby is developing on track.  It would be nice to have someone there to share in the joy - but also be there, just in case.

    If he can't attend maybe there is a compromise.  You can have the ultrasound tech write down the sex and put it in an envelope so that you can open it together.  I know it's not the same as him being in the room.  It's a really special moment to share with your husband. 


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  • I would be a lot upset. To me, it sounds like your DH doesn't want to ask. My hubby is that way & it drives me crazy. I totally get the need to be professional, and you don't want to ask off for every little thing - but sometimes its important! 

    This is an amazing appointment, one your DH will LOVE and its such a huge milestone. I agree with PP, its nice to have him there for support just in case they have any concerns. 

    I hope it works out that he can come!  

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  • I would be upset as well.
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  • Speaking as someone who got the worst news possible at their big u/s I wouldn't even care if DH lost his job to be there. 

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