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Postpartum Depression

Hi Ladies

I mostly post on the March 2012 board, but thought I would wander a bit today. 

I think I had pretty mild PPD after DS was born, but I was happy throughout the whole pregnancy.  This time around (I am 27 weeks)  I feel like I have been depressed almost my entire pregnancy.  I should be happy- DH and I got married in April, we have both made more money than we have any other year (we don't make a lot, but for us we had a good year), we have been busier than busy (only 2 free weekends since August!), and with Christmas so close you would think I would be in a better mood.  But I feel like my friends are turning against me and forgetting me, DH is getting distant and doesn't know how to deal with my sadness ( I cry numerous times a day). 

I guess I am just wondering if anyone else is feeling this way?  I should be happy with the holidays and our new baby coming in a few months, but nothing seems to change my mood. 

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