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Positive test on 12/17!!! Early Christmas present =)

My husband and I are sooooo excited! We started trying in Oct/Nov and thought there was no way that we would concieve before Xmas. Over the last week, my sense of smell has gone crazy, my boobs hurt, I was insanely emotional etc so I took a test. Low and behold, hubby and I made a baby...the best Christmas present we could have every asked for! We are telling parents over the holidays, which is exciting, but I AM GOING TO EXPLODE with anticipation!

Sorry for the venting...but I am seriously so excited.

According to all the trackers, I will be due end of August 2012. Anyone else in the Vegas valley due around the same time???


Re: Positive test on 12/17!!! Early Christmas present =)

  • I found out on 12/17 I was prego as well. My husband and I have been trying for about 10 months so we are so thrilled. It looks like we can take this 9 month jouney together:)
  • I'm due August 24, as of right now!
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  • September 6th : )  We are moving to the Northwest.. . delivering at Centennial (I think); haven't toured yet, but like the midwife there.
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