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space a question.

hey! we r stationed overseas. was wondering how space a works for going back to the states..
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Re: space a question.

  • If you are on EML (Environmental Moral Leave) with the sponsor you are in Category 2.  If you take EML w/o the sponsor you are in Category lV.  This link gives all the full details for each category, sorry it's not clicky I'm on a Mac.  Good Luck!

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  • Oh I LOVED Space A when we lived overseas. There are alot of tricks and tips to it. First off where are you stationed and where are you trying to get to?

    We were stationed in England and I would Space A out of Mildenhall to Travis AFB in California. I would always try to get direct hops because alot of times if you stop you can get stuck there. I loved it because I had 2 kids at the time and I mostly had the entire plane to myself and the troops would always always help. It was so relaxing to me, almost like having your own private jet.

    Now, it also depends on what kind of aircraft you fly on as to how comfy you'll be. I was VERY lucky to have always caught KC10's which are pretty much identical to an airliner with climate control and airline seats. If you catch a KC 135 they only have jump seats (net seats that fold out of the side of the aircraft) and alot of times they are either freezing or too hot. If you fly a 135 I suggest bringing sleeping bags/pillow and blankets to set up camp on the floor. NEVER fly a C130 unless you are absolutely desperate and there is no other way. They are very slow!!!!! C5's are nice as far as airline seats and such, they are absolutely HUGE but they break down ALOT ALOT ALOT.

    As far as the logistics of it all, you will need to get a letter from your husband and have him or you fill it out and then it needs to be signed by his commander for you to fly space A without him. It's called a command sponsorship letter and most PAX Space A terminals have a copy for you to go off of.

    You will also be placed on the plane based on if they even release seats for space A passengers and based on what category you are. If you are flying alone and your husband is not deployed you are a Cat 6 I believe. If you husband is deployed for more than X amount of time you move up to a Cat 5 ect......There are other categories as well if your husband is with you and if it's on emergency leave or not.

     Once you tell me where you are and where you're trying to go I can give you better info as far as what hubs are easy to get to and such.

    Remember....Space A is just that. Space AVAILABLE. It takes flexibility and patience and if you go into it with that attitude it can be awesome and alot of fun. If you are looking for direct flights on your schedule you are better off flying commercial.

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  • we r stationed in sigonella italy. im trying to get to connecticut but believe on space a the closest ill get is va n then have to go my own way to ct
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  • I know alot of people who have had great luck with Space A, personally, my husband and I have not had great luck. 

    We have tried twice on EML orders and never got even one seat to open up the 3 weeks (first try) or four weeks (2nd try) we were trying. 

     If your husband is going with you, make sure he has enough leave saved up to take an extra few days for flexibility coming back in case you don't get a flight immediately.

    Also, make sure you sign up for return flight spaces at the airport as soon as you get where you're going so you're closer to the top of the list.

    Good luck!

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  • From what I remember Sigonella is not a very big space A hub. Is there very many flights going in and out? You could get to Aviano or Ramstein and have much better luck.

     Your best bet for CT is to try to catch a hop into Dover AFB which is in Delaware. It's a very busy Space A hub.

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