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Postpartum Depression

Irritability and depression

I have been so irritable lately....I snap at everyone, mostly at those close to me (my mom, dad and husband). I feel horrible after but it seems I can't stop myself. It just causes fights..and I hate myself after. It makes me feel like a horrible person, makes me feel like everyone would be better off without me in their life.

I wonder if this is just a side effect of depression (I know I am depressed) or whether this is just my personality. Sometimes I wonder if it's my marriage causing me to be irritable/depressed or whether it's my depression causing me to dislike my marriage.

This is more of a vent then anything, but just curious, does anyone else feel this way?

My baby is 4 months old and I am currently off Prozac, transitioning to Zoloft next week. I know this could be part of the reason for my moodiness....but I feel like I've always been moody (but also have a history of depression since age 13 or so).

When will this misery end? I love my child but hate life and the person I've become.

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Re: Irritability and depression

  • I feel this way and I blame being off of medication...  I'm halfway through the pregnancy and scared to death that it will continue afterwards and become postpartum depression. 

    I am so sorry you're dealing with this as well...  it definitely takes a toll on your relationship (I'm having the same issue - SOOOO irritable with everything DH does) and makes things 100 times harder than they should be. 

    My point, you're not alone.  I really hope the med switch works for you and once you're on Zoloft at full dose, the edge is taken off...


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  • hun i've been having PPD on and off for 5 years and refuse meds for it. its not that the doc thinks meds will help me its that we want to try counseling and calming exercises first. since i left the hospital last week (i was in for suicidal thoughts) the breathing exercises seem to help a lot. my husband says its like a night and day difference. but it helps when he tells me to breath.

    my depression got worse after my parents broke up and my dad brought his gf into the house. since we live with my father its really hard to escape the realization that this childish cripple of a woman is trying to replace my mom in the house.  i finally talked to my dad about it and he told me it was completely understandable and that his gf was much more clingy than he was ready for. but his heart is too big for him to tell her to go away and go back to her abusive ex husband.

    my point is you are not alone and you might need to search your heart. there might be something that changed that is causing your irritability. then talk to a counselor about it.

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