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Okay, maybe we NOT done weaning . . .

Cedric was inconsolable tonight.  Cried before his bath.  Cried during his bath.  Cried after his bath.  Cried getting on his pajamas.  Cried through half of his first goodnight book.  After his books, he decided that tonight he wanted to nurse.  So he nursed. 

 So I guess we're not done weaning quite yet.  But I have a feeling this is still the end of the road, just a last pitstop or two.


Re: Okay, maybe we NOT done weaning . . .

  • LOL!  Just when you thought you were done!  Either way, you've gone far with the nursing and you should be very proud.  Hopefully it's just as easy and successful next time.  How are you feeling?
  • Thanks.  I do hope it works as well again next time.  How is it going with you?  Was the nursing any easier this time? 

     I'm feeling fine, thanks for asking.  Starting to feel big although I know I will only get that much bigger.  How are both of yours doing?  How's Noah at being a big brother?  And how's Kate doing?

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