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Postpartum Depression

Someone Please Tell Me This Will Go Away....

So I had my beautiful baby boy on December 9th, and the 2nd day in the hospital I had post partum depression. This happened to me with my first child, so I knew exactlly what it was. I started zoloft right away, so now I'm 1 week into the meds and I have my ups and downs. Can someone just please tell me I WILL feel better, and this WILL go away. I just need to hear that, because sometimes I don't know how I can make it through the day feeling so down....

Re: Someone Please Tell Me This Will Go Away....

  • You will feel better! My friend who had her second kid and doesn't have PPD said it is a hard adjustment for the first few months and now it is great. You will figure it out just like you did with your first. You already recognized it so will get better!

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  • Thank You for the encouragement : )
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  • it wil! it will get better! and your family is now more amazing than ever!  just keep chugging along through this crap part until you get back to the wonderful part!
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