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Did you have yellow EWCM before BFP? (TMI)

Yesterday and today I've had some yellow and very stretchy EWCM (but I know I don't have a UTI/yeast infection), and I've read it can be a pregnancy symptom. Just curious how many of you had that as an early pregnancy symptom and when it started?

I think I'm 11 DPO today (but not 100% sure on O day even though I was temping/using OPKs) so I could be less than that. Got BFNs this morning and yesterday morning. Hoping it was just too early. AF is due the 19th, but I did get my BFP with DS at 10 DPO a week before AF was due. 




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Beta 10 DPO: 19, Beta 12 DPO: 102! 3/6/12 - Saw the little pumpkin measuring right on track with a HB of 133. Grow baby grow!

Fx for a BFP for my GP buddy JennNJ. Congrats to my TTC buddy Boyer's Girl on your BFP!

Re: Did you have yellow EWCM before BFP? (TMI)

  • I had it, it was yellowish too. 

    And I couldn't get a + until 12 dpos, and it was sooooooooo light, I almost didn't notice it. 

  • I had some the day after I felt what I thought was implantation cramping, it was think and clumpy and stretchy but clear/white, not yellow.
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  • I forgot, mine had red streaks in it too.  I guess it was just implantation bleeding. 
  • yes, I did have yellow discharge a couple days before I found out I was expecting. I thought I was starting my period because sometimes It starts out that color and I had never heard of that being a sign of pregnancy. But sure enough...I was preggers! yay! didn't get my BFP until day after my missed period though. Good luck!
  • yep, i did. it was 8DPO, but it wasn't EWCM. it was like a little clump lol...but it was yellowish!
  • Not to get your hopes up... but before I got my BFP this time around, I noticed that my CM never dried up after ovulation. It wasn't necessarily EW, but it never dried up. It felt familiar. So, I went back and looked at my chart from my first BFP a few years ago and sure enough I had documented the same thing post-ovulation. It was my indicator that I was pregnant this time before I could even test. That and the aversion ot alcohol.


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