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minor rant.

so, i am currently 18 weeks prego and am beyond eager to know what we are having!  at the last appointment, we tried to tell what the baby was, but the genitals were foggy. i was so sad about not knowing! to make it better, the baby was smiling with its arms behind its head, as if to mock me.  what a little trickster its going to be. now, i have to wait til Monday, the 12th, and hopefully find out then.  i hope it certainly cooperates this time.  

Re: minor rant.

  • Haha I'm sorry but that's a little funny how the baby was positioned. It's just the beginning. Do you have any thoughts to if it is a boy or girl? I had a couple of mini Snickers before my appointment so that hopefully the baby would be active and show us the goods. He did! Made it very clear that he was a boy. Good luck Monday!
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  • I was originally scheduled to find out when I was 18w, but they called to reschedule for later as my Dr. office won't do it until 20w no matter what.  Luckily my little guy decided to put on a show and they got some close up, legs spread wide open views.  (His daddy was so proud!  LOL)

    The 12th isn't that far away--I know it's disappointing when you are ready to find out RIGHT NOW, but hopefully you won't have to wait much longer. 

    I had some orange juice and a bagel before my appt--not sure if it really makes a difference or not. 

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  • i was really hoping girl since his family all says "they only produce boys", just so i can be entertained and prove them wrong.  but with the dates, i wouldnt had been surprised if it was a boy anyways.  things did work out today, it was all boy! boys are not shy showing the goods!! haha.  so i am a little sad since i didnt get what i wanted, but regardless i am ultimately happy since the dr and the tech that did our "big" ultra sound both said the images look healthy and the baby is growing as normal also.  so i cant really complain too much. :)   
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