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Is it true? Labor rumor

That right before one goes into labor, the baby becomes very inactive? 

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Re: Is it true? Labor rumor

  • Oh my, how scary!! I hope this isn't true.


  • eek... i don't know, i'm sure it's different for everyone.  :-/
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  • If that's the case then Nadia is never coming out! My child is VERY ACTIVE...


  • never heard of it.?


  • they say toward the end, room is limited so the baby moves less. i never experience that though. she moved tons even when they gave me a shot of morphine when i was in early labor and told me the baby wiuld be sleepy, she moved all night long!
  • I have heard this, too, but have also heard that the baby can be more active too!! I was told that it just depends on the baby. :)
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  • well at the end of the pregnancy baby does slow down but you should still feel some movement. if you don't feel baby move, stop what your doing...drink some juice and lay down if still no movement after 1-2 hrs then call the doctor and go to the hospital. they will do an non stress test (put you on the monitor) and they can do a biophysical profile (ultrasound) that will reassure you that everything is fine or baby needs OUT!!!

  • I don't remember having any long periods of time where Riley wasn't active. Up until labor day she was a busy girl-once the contractions started I could only focus on the pain and stopped thinking about her movements. Likek others said, every baby is different.
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  • That didn't happen with Nicholas.  He was very active up until the end.
  • My aunt who is an u/s tech told me this. However it was not true for me.  The night before my water broke, DD was very active.  In fact we were at my IL's laughing at how much my belly was moving.  This was about 6-7 hours before my water broke.
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