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Anybody been "checked" yet?

Thursday is my first appointment where I'm 99% positive that I'll be checked to see if I'm dilated at all.

Any January mommas got to experience this yet?  Comments?  Advice?  Etc?

I'm nervous because I've heard that it is definitely not fun. 

I'm also nervous because I still have SOOO much to do to get ready at home and at work, and I just have this horrible feeling that once she does it, she's going to look up at me with this surprised face and be like "You need to go over to Labor and Delivery IMMEDIATELY!!"


Anyone feeling the same??

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Re: Anybody been "checked" yet?

  • Had my first check last week, including the Group B Strep test.  It was a LITTLE uncomfortable, but really not bad at all.  Annuals with your OB/GYN are much worse.  I was ~1 cm dilated, 50% effaced, and Dr. said LO's head was "right there".

    Actually was very exciting, it made this whole thing feel more REAL!  If that's possible. . .

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  • Yes I have been getting checked for the past 5 weeks you just put your feet together and let your legs fall open... not a huge deal and sadly I am still long and closed...
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  • I'm probably going to refuse it if I can until my due date.  I just don't see the point.  It doesn't really tell you anything worthwhile, and would rather just play it by ear and not get my hopes up.  You could be 3cm dilated right now and go past your due date, or you could be 0cm and deliver the next day.  At the clinic I go to, they make us do our own Group B Strep test anyway. 
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  • image kimspearman:
    Yes I have been getting checked for the past 5 weeks you just put your feet together and let your legs fall open... not a huge deal and sadly I am still long and closed...

    That just seems so weird!

    I haven't been checked yet, but will probably be starting next week. 

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  • I'm declining all cervical checks in office.  As a PP said, they don't give an indication of when you'll go into labor.  You can can dialated to 3cm and 90% effaced for weeks before labor begins or you could be closed up tighter than a drum and deliver within 24 hours.

    I'm also going to request limited checks while in labor.  I know I'll have to have one when I get to the hosptial and they'll want to check when I'm ready to push but other than that I don't want any.

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  • I had my first one Monday.  Wasn't bad at all.  Didn't hurt a bit!  2cm, softened, shortened, and head down and ready! 


    I would suggest wearing a liner though; I had to go to work afterwards and was very...erm...squishy for the rest of the day. 

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  • I have my first internal tomorrow.

    Make sure you relax during the internals.  They really are not that bad.  Relax your pelvic muscles and let your knees relax, I promise it goes much smoother if you do this.   I had my membranes stripped twice with LO #1 and it was uncomfortable but not internals were a breeze since I relaxed.  Good luck! 



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  • I have an OB appt next week. I wonder if she'll check me.  I don't think so though, she didn't mention it.  We shall see.

    I heard they hurt.  =( 

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  • I was checked 3 times last week - twice when I was in L&D for contractions, and then once at my OB's office a couple days later to see if I'd dilated anymore or could come off bedrest.  I won't lie, it hurt all 3 times.  Way more than a pap smear or annual exam.  My doctor told me that's because my cervix, while dilated, is still fairly far back and that as I get closer to going into labor it will move forward and soften up more, so the checks won't be as painful.

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  • No, my doctors office doesn't do checks until you're past due date. Like PP said, they don't tell you anything and can give you false hope- either that you're going to go into labor soon or that you still have lots of time, when that's not the case!
    I remember getting checked with my first pregnancy and it was very uncomfortable. Ok, it was painful. So I' m happy to not have it done until necessary!

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  • My dr for my first baby wouldn't do checks until 40 wks (I delivered at 38 wks, so I never had an internal during that pregnancy).  

    The dr I have for this pregnancy said he "may" check at 36 wks, but will skip it if I'd rather not have it done....thinking I'll skip it.  I have a scheduled section this time ( at 38 wks ) ....if I go into labor before my scheduled section I'm just heading STRAIGHT to the hospital before it progresses.  And if I don't, then perfect!  It's a section anyway.  Why risk introducing bacteria needlessly, just for the sake of curiosity as to how far along I've progressed naturally?  

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  • I think the strep B test is at 35 weeks (or is it 37?) but I highly doubt I'm dilated any so I won't even ask him to check until 38 weeksish. Maybe even 39.
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  • They've been checking me since 24wks (No reason, just a different country, different protocol).

    Best advice I can give, is just to relax.  It's more or less like a pelvic exam without a swab, so if you tense up, it's more difficult.  

    It's a nice reassurance that everything is going according to plan, but doesn't necessarily indicate anything.  All mine have been normal, and my SIL was dialated at 1cm for several weeks before she went into labor.

    It's all good :) 

  • I will get checked in a couple weeks at my 36ish week appt.

    I have had BP issues in the past and it's been nice to know whether induction would be a good option. At 38 weeks, I was induced for PIH and thankfully, I was already 3 cm so I didn't need anything for the cervix and I went into the induction knowing there was a very good chance that it would be successful...and it was. It gave me some peace of mind so I am not against them.

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  • I have been checked due to the fact I have been having contractions, but my weekly checks start next week. They hurt just a little, but not too bad.

    The last time I was checked at 33 weeks my cervix was soft and LO had dropped.

    The checks really are a big tease because you can be 3cm dilated for weeks and still nothing happens or be 0cm dilated one minute and your water breaking the next (that happened to a friend of mine)

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  • My doctor warned me that they are going to start checking at our next appointment. I've just sort of taken for granted that our little girl won't come til her due date. We'll see how that goes. Wink
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  • with DS, my first internal wasn't until my due date. It was not pleasant. However, this time around, since I'm hoping for a VBAC, I think my internals will probably start sooner so we can have an idea as to whether I'm making any progress

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  • I was checked last week, but only because I was having severe back pain.  The shop is still closed up tight.  My doctor does regular internals starting at 37 weeks, so next week for me.  It was painless and really NBD.  
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  • Checked unexpectedly at my appointment on Monday... (35.5 weeks)   1cm and 50% effaced.   I know this could mean nothing for weeks though...

  • I had my check up today and they only did the Strep B swab. My doctor said they won't start checking to see if I'm dilated until 38 weeks but I am now going every week.

    What he did say that kind of freaked me out is that at 36 weeks the baby is considered full term and that if I go into labor that they would not try to stop it. That's crazy to think the baby could come at any time now. My bump is measuring right on schedule and the baby is in position. I better get my butt in gear and finish the nursery. 

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  • been 3cm and 50%effaced since black friday...drs appt in the morning dont know if they will check me again or not..

  • I had my first one today and the GBS test.  I have made 0 progress, which is what I expected since he is so high.
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  • Last week I was 1 cm and 50% effaced. I go back today! FX for more progress!
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