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crud in eyes : (

My DD woke up this am with green crud in her eyes and eyelashes. It is not like pink eye as she has a little cough as well. It is like it is dried snot (sorry-gross) but in her eyes. I used a warm rag to wipe it but any other suggestions? Calling dr of course but have any of you delt with this?

Re: crud in eyes : (

  • Yes, DD had this about a month ago.  It was not pink-eye (because I took her in to the pedi), but it was basically snot coming out of the eyes (gross for sure!).

    It was a nasty cold and her eyes were mattery for at least a week.  She would wake up from naps, in the middle of the night, and in the morning with her eyes crusted shut and I would have to get a warm washcloth to moisten the dried crud so she could actually open her eyes.

    Pedi had me give her Dimetapp for children (the cough & cold stuff) at a dose of 1 tsp and that would help w/ her cough.  However, nothing would help the eyes.

    It sucked...I swear I would wipe her eyes about every 10-15 minutes for the first few days because it would weep out that frequently.

    Good luck!  It is no fun.

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