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just doesn't get it...vent

Argh!  We just had a friend over (who happens to be a new mommy too, to a 9 month full term baby).  My DH and I tried to explain to her that we are not taking LO out anywhere and that we are on lockdown for the cold/flu/RSV season.  I don't know why but she didn't get it!  She kept asking the same question in different ways (maybe hoping our answer would change?)  She first asked why we weren't doing mommy and me classes then she asked why we were having dinner at our house instead of at a restaurant and also why we were spending the holidays in our house instead of the grandparents especially since its baby's first Christmas.  Ok, same answer...we are on lockdown!!  Then she went on to ask why LO wasn't sitting up or rolling over...I started saying that LO is 3.5 months adjusted but then I gave up trying to explain things to her...so frustrating!
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Re: just doesn't get it...vent

  • We're luckily not on lockdown, but I know what you mean. We had a get together with my birth prep class last week, and one of the moms brought her baby who was obviously sick. The baby proceeded to sneeze all over EVERYTHING, and she let him chew and slobber on other people's toys!! I tried to keep DD away from him and after getting home threw our blanket in the wash that he had sneezed on and disinfected the book he had chewed and sneezed on. This boy has an older brother in preschool and just started daycare himself, so I know he's exposed to all sorts of nasty germs.

    Unfortunately, my precautions (well, post-cautions, actually) didn't help. DD is coming down with a nasty cold and I'm flying across the Atlantic with her on Saturday. Lovely. It makes me so angry that moms just bring their sick babies to gatherings with other babies. At least let me know he's sick and you're bringing him so I can decide whether I want to come or stay home!!

    Sorry for the post hijacking Embarrassed

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  • sorry you had to deal with that - its frustrating to no end.  I get it all the time also - grandmother in law is the worst - I keep having to hear about how "keeping her in a bubble" is bad for her and her immune system will never get strong unless we start taking her out! Listen lady - shes a PREEMIE - its her immune system isnt ready yet!!!
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  • I think it is really rude to ask why another person's baby isn't doing something like sitting up etc. I would NEVER say this to another mom, preemie or not. I mean, what is the point?

    She does know your baby is a preemie, right?

     Geeze, so sorry you have to explain yourself over and over.  


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  • I'm sorry you have to deal with her ignorance. 
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  • No fun! Hang in there momma and know without a doubt you're doing the right thing for that baby!
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