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    I know you get extra entry's for sharing it with people. But I think It is awesome and I'm glad someone shared with me. The web site is also a good mommy resource. And I have won a nice musty stroller from them, so I know it is fair and works!  

    I think that what she's saying is that we don't want you to spam our message board with these links. It's against the TOS.

    Charlie 8.06.08
    Emeline 5.28.13

    My Blog


    Post-Baby PRs
    Esri 5K 7.16.2014 - 21:30
    Heart Half Marathon 3.16.2014 - 1:43:30
    Canton City Marathon 9.8.14 - 3:30:56
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    And I have won a nice musty stroller from them

    A little Febreze might help :) 

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