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Hope this isn't too much TMI for some people (probably is), but I think all birth stories definitely borderline that anyways! :) So here goes:


1AM on Orcas Island my water broke. when I went to the bathroom to clean myself up after intimacies with my previous lover, I decided to walk back into the bathroom.. I felt like I had to pee. I was sure in shock when I didn't make it to the toilet.. but it was distinctly different.. water went all over the bathroom floor (which seemed to echo, apparently it did!).

From the other room: "....Brit?"

Me: .................yes?

"Did your water just break??"

Me:.. yes.


Of course, that's when I kept my butt on the toilet until I felt I wasn't going to spew fluids everywhere. Ryan was frantic at that point. Trying to gather a "baby hospital bag" which I already had prepared in the closet. Directions being given from my throne (hehe), I told him to pack the car and get me my cellphone. At that point, I frantically dialed my midwife's number.. only to find out I was dialing the wrong one haha. Finally I got ahold of her at about 1:30AM, maybe 2AM. She asked some questions about the labor-in-progress before deciding to send me back to bed... I was surprised I got any sleep, but I did. 

(Just to let you all know, the ferries weren't running at the time.. had the baby decided to come quickly, it would have been a home birth.).. Since the ferries weren't running though, we decided to see if one of the bi-planes the firefighters had would take me to Anacortes... that way we wouldn't have to use our helicopter insurance and have one flown in from Seattle or some area super far away(they wouldn't have let my spouse at the time come). .. by this time, we had called the hospital, had them prepare a room, and then went ahead and got on the bi-plane over to the mainlands. :) The man was kind enough to give us a mercy flight, so I wouldn't have to pay. After arriving at the hospital, we walked to the birthing center (I declined the wheelchair) and then made ourselves comfy!! Everything went smoothly and perfectly. There was only one point in the whole of having those contractions where I mentioned an epidural. After having Ryan ask if I really wanted one, I said no. 


All natural birth! :) I guess there aren't a lot of mothers that stick to their birth plans, or have that privleage to.. but I did. It went perfectly. Even all the way up to the red ring of fire (where I really don't remember all that much of, except saying "i'm gonna tear!" which I did not... though the pushing stage was only 15min or so for me). Let me tell you, I had one of the best hospital birthing experiences I could ever hope for. 

Merralee was born with an APGAR of 9 out of 10 w/blue/purple extremities like she should have been. It was absolute love at first sight when she opened her gorgeous blues and stared up at me. (which she still has, and got from her momma. :D) I did stay overnight, though I was free to go home.. what with the ferry schedules and having left our car on the island with most of our things(including carseat), Ryan had to leave and go pick that up and come back, just so we could go home haha. 

Thank you for letting me share! :) I don't think I've told anyone anything but a vague story of my birth. 


 Merralee Michelle: Born March 11, 2011 at 3:37PM. Weight: 7lbs 7.2oz Length: 18.8inches Head: 12.5inches. 

Perfect baby girl! Still is. :) 

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