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Getting nervous

  I have to go take the three hour glucose test tomorrow since I was 6 points over last week. Getting a little nervous because I thought I was going to pass the one hour test. I know it's not the end of the world if I have developed GD but still.  If I have to go on a special diet right before Christmas I will be sad. ( My mom makes awesome desserts but only around this time of year) But I guess it's worth it if it keeps my little guy healthy. Anyone else develop GD?

Re: Getting nervous

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    I do not have GD...But wanted to let you know I failed my 1 hr test and then passed the 3 hr with flying colors:) GL!!
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    I have GD. I failed my 3hr test miserably. I was off kilter with blood sugar the rest of that night.

     As for diet....that's a nasty four letter word right there. BAD! :)

     You don't not eat certain foods...it's all quanity. :) Carbs and sugars. I've found that if I eat dessert/sugary snacks after lunch my sugar is higher than if I hold off until dinner. :) You should meet with a dietician person if you have GD and they will go over the basics. It's not bad, in all honesty. I passed my sugars with flying colors on Thanksgiving and the four letter D word was *not* even an option. :) Lots of turkey {free....no carbs}, mashed potatoes {yeah....not so free}, corn {.....eh....not free}, pie {I wish it were free}, and Nutella on crackers {Again....not free}. The idea is quanity and eating small meals spread out over time. It's not as bad as you would think...and I'm a choco-holic. :)

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