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When did you start a sippy cup and what did you put in it?

Did you start with BM or formula? Water? What age? DS is showing signs of wanting to eat with us, but I don't want to give him any food until 6 mo. So I thought a sippy cup while we're eating would keep him entertained.


Re: When did you start a sippy cup and what did you put in it?

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    I tried giving DS a sippy cup (has a regular bottle nipple) on thanksgiving. So 5 months. I want to make sure he's in his high chair when I give it to him so he doesn't confuse it for his bottle. He did not understand how to use it. I think it's still too early for him. We will try again in another couple of weeks.

    ETA: I put formula in the sippy cup.

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    Around 5 months. We put in water or highly diluted apple juice. We had better luck with a soft straw cup than the traditional sippies.
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    I offered my son a sippy cup at 6 months and he didn't want it but I tried again at 10 months and he was soo excited! So if he doesn't want it I wouldn't push it. But I put formula in it the first time he had it. But I wasn't able to breastfeed so I'm not sure which would be better for you, my son was use to formula.
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    I just got my LO a sippy cup its for 4 months and up (got it at Target), he just holds it right now. I try and give it to him two times a day
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    I bought my LO a few different kinds for christmas :-) Im going to try them then and Ill keep you posted lol
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    We are going to try this for a different reason... DD (almost 5 months) is refusing the bottle and only wants the boob. She will sometimes take a couple ounces but we thought we might try one of the transitional sippy cups and see how that goes if she will take to it. Today, I gave her a sippy we had just to see what she would do with it, and she grabbed one side and put the spout part in her mouth so maybe?!? i plan to use BM when we decide to try.
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