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2nd timers: are contractions felt across your entire belly?

Already called my midwife & we came up with a game plan but just wondering for those who've done this before: did you feel your contractions across your entire belly/womb or just part of it? Could you actually feel in in the beginning or did you just notice external tightening?

I'm feeling external tightening across the top half and sometimes along one side but not the other. Off & on since last night but about 15-20 minutes apart for now.


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Re: 2nd timers: are contractions felt across your entire belly?

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    That sounds like false labor to me.  My "real" contractions were felt through the entire belly and they started out feeling like menstrual cramps.
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    Not always, I had back labor so mine was all in my lower back and hips then I had a my stomach all over 

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    In the class my husband and I took we were told that braxton hicks would be mainly in the lower abdomen. But real labor contractions would radiate from the lower back around to the belly. Hope that makes sense to you.
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     My real contractions started in my back, would work their way around my sides and then my belly would tighten in the front above my belly button, then the tightening would "release" and the back pain would pretty much subside, then 7-10 minutes later it would start all over again in my back... I've heard some women say they felt their's in their back and their lower belly (like severe menstrual cramps).
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    I've never experienced the wrapping around the belly from the back type of contractions you always hear about. For me real contractions have always felt like the worst period cramps you can imagine and times that by a thousand. Sorry that's the only way I can describe it. I never got that tight belly feeling with anything but my BH contractions.
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    With my son, I had front & back labor, and it was all over.  With this pregnancy, I'm having a menstrual crampy feeling in my entire lower back & sides, tightening in the upper to middle part of my belly, & extreme pressure on my pelvis.  I just saw my dr yesterday, & he said that my cervix is closed, so what I had been feeling for the last few weeks is just Braxton Hicks.  He is sending me for an ultrasound to see if my cervix is thinning out, & check out the position of the baby.  Good luck!
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