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Growth Ultrasound?

Has anyone had a growth ultrasound around 37 weeks? If so, why, what did they look at, and what was the outcome?

I'm measuring a little over 2 weeks ahead and have been consistantly for 3 weeks now. My doctor said at my 36w appt if I'm still measuring ahead she's going to order a growth u/s at 37w.

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Re: Growth Ultrasound?

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    I had one with my son - and plan to have one again for this pregnancy.  My OB does growth ultrasounds routinely.
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    I am scheduled to have a growth ultrasound in two weeks I will be 32 weeks. I am having one done because I have been measuring 2weeks ahead for some time now but my doctor did not mention it until my appointment at 23 weeks when I was measuring 25weeks. My doctor told me that the point of a growth ultrasound right now is to find out how big the baby is and try to estimate the birth weight if things countinue at the same rate plus my doctor said that by knowing this ahead of time is a good thing because of baby is measuring big when i go into labor and they already know this then they wont let me try to push for an un-needed amount of time. But she did a sure me that just because I am measuring big doesnt mean I wont make it to my due date because the two are unrelated. I hope this helps alittle.
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    I had one several weeks ago and will have another next week, this is due to having GD. It is common at my OB practice to have an u/s at 36 weeks to see how the baby is growing, fluid levels, etc.

    Due to the GD, they pay particular attention to how big her abdomen is. So far, her limbs measure a week ahead (which is consistent since 6 weeks), her head 3 wks ahead (large heads run in H's family) and her stomach 4 wks ahead, which was concerning.  Hopefully, her stomach growth has slowed down by next week. 

    basically with the growth U/S they are (I think) taking very precise and specific measurements. 

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    I had 2 growth ultrasounds with my first. It was really similar to the 20 week they measure everything and get an estimate of how big the baby is. I go to a MFM doc and their measurements are generally within a few ounces.
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    I had one Monday at 35w6d because of elevated blood pressure issues (not officially pre-e or gestational hypertension yet, but concerning for drs.  They were checking to make sure baby isn't small (a concern with high bp) but everything looked fine.
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    I had my 36wk appt today and I was suppose to have a growth scan next week, but he had me do it today because my BP was slightly elevated. I have been measuring 1.5wks ahead. I am due 12/24 but the u/s calculated a due date of 12/13. He's measuring 7lbs 12oz! Doc said I could have an 8, or even 9lb baby!!! He thinks I won't make it to my 39wk induction date since I'm already dilating and effacing and contracting every 3mins
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