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Going back to work tomorrow...

DD is 15 weeks old today and I'm going back to work in the morning. She is going to be staying at home with our maid/nanny. The most I have left her previously is only an hour and a half. Any last minute advice or tips. I only have to work 8 days and then I am on holiday vacation for a month. 
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Re: Going back to work tomorrow...

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    Good luck! I know it is upsetting and stressful. But remember you both will get through it and hopefully she will sleep most of the time you are at work. Try to keep her day as normal as possible.
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    What works for me is to remind myself why I'm working: to provide for my baby, both now and in the future. 

    Now, no offense to anyone who doesn't work (because I wish that could be me!) but knowing that the paycheck I bring home will help provide for DD (including a savings fund we've already started for college) helps me make it through the day.

    Yes, I wish I could be home, but there is a silver lining in going back to work.

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    All I can say is good luck.  I go back in a week and a half.  Just remember you are doing what you have to do for your family.  I just keep repeating to myself "my baby will be fine, lots of people use daycare/nannies, and I will enjoy every little minute of the time we have together"
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