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Need bottle help!

Dd is 3 months old and we have to switch her to formula... Food allergies:( problem is  that my dumb self did not get her taking bottles before this. She refused this morning. We did 3/4 bm and 1/4 formula. Going to try all bm next time... But any other suggestions are appreciated!  

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Re: Need bottle help!

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    I'm going through the same thing right now due to supply issues.  DD won't take a bottle or sippy cup with anything in it (bm or formula).  What has worked right away for us is the doidy cup.  They use the same mouth movements as with breastfeeding so she took to it right away.  I've only given it to her with breastmilk, but we will try formula later on today.  Fingers crossed!

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    All are welcome


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    my lo would not take a bottle no matter what, we tried almost every bottle on the market with no luck BUT she will drink out of a tommee tippee weaning sippy cup that I got on sunday. good luck.
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    What bottle/nipple did you try this morning?
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    DD took the bottle no problem after three weeks breastfeeding. What I've read is that you should try to introduce the bottle when baby is in a good mood, not tired/fussy, and not overly hungry, but hungry enough to be interested in food. Good luck!

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    Have tried a standard enfamil slow flow and also a tommee tippee. I think the mAin problem is that she is an insanely fussy eater to begin with. She needs to go on elecare/neocate but that can't happen until she takes a bottle. Argh.
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