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Nursing Strike for FF?

A little background - DD is FF and usually takes about 27-30 oz per day.  She is currently on size #2 nipples but I have the next size up because I think she'll be ready soon.  She also sleeps through the night and goes about 11 hours between her bedtime feeding and her morning feeding.

Yesterday she was kind of fussy at feedings and took about 2 oz less than she normally would on the day.  Not a bit deal...  This morning (after again STTN and having her normal wet and poopy diaper), she was very fussy at her feeding and only took 3 oz instead of her normal 6 oz.  Even that was pushing it.  I tried moving up a nipple size in the middle of the feeding and she still did want the bottle.  It is very unusual for her not to eat at least 5 oz first thing in the morning.

Other than being fussy at feedings she seems to be her normal self and doesn't have a fever.  I've always thought she might be an early teether because she's a major drooler and has been for about a month.  Could she be teething?  Has any other FF mamas experienced this?  I'm a FTM so this has me a little worried.  Any advice or sympathy would be appreciated!  TIA!

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