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Recommend your midwife

I am seeing a midwife group right now but I'm not super happy with them, and am looking around to swap. So...who did you use and did you like them? I'm in the North end, but willing to travel into Seattle or Bellevue if need be. Thanks!

ETA I'm not necessarily looking for a group, just a midwife that I like!

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Re: Recommend your midwife

  • I go to Fremont Midwifery. Their office is in Wallingford in Seattle. Geraldine and Tracy are the sweetest most calming people. I love them!
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  • I have seen Heike, Nicole and Andrea all thru PSMBC, and also Erin Curtiss who delivered my first baby. Loved them all!! Erin works on her own now, just google her name and her website will come up. 
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  • I second Fremont Midwifery. Just note that all of the recs so far are for LMs who do out of hospital birth. If you are looking for a CNM for hospital birth, a few gals on here like the group at Providence.
  • Thanks for those who have responded so far! I am looking to have an out-of-hospital birth, so I'm loving the recommendations :-) I actually had Fremont Midwifery's contact info (because they were listed as delivering at Center for Birth) but wasn't sure if I should contact them, I definitely will now!
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  • I use the Lake Washington Midwives at the Puget Sound Birth Center and love them.

    Yay for out-of-hospital births!!  Wink

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  • I use the Group Health midwives in Bellevue. They deliver at Overlake Hospital in Bellevue as well. I am not certain if they work outside of GH patients, but it's worth looking into! There are 5 women in the practice, and I love them all!

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  • Melissa Denmark in Snohomish is amazing! She does out of hospital births. 
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  • I am currently with Swedish Ballard midwives.  So far, all is OK, and I went with them based on what I saw online and what I'd heard from a couple women, but I really don't know enough at this point to know how this will turn out (I'm only at 16 wks now).  They have this group exam/centering program that I'd joined, and I like the idea but the information they give you is written at what appears to be a 4th grade level and I find that to be boring and insulting. To their credit, this was acknowledged upfront, and stated to be that way because it was originally designed for teen moms (who I think would still be legitimately insulted).  And what I'm really looking for is support during the birth and to meet other families at a similar point of pregnancy, so this might still be a good thing for us.  

    If you don't mind me asking, who are you currently with and what is it that you're not super happy with?

  • I'm currently with Eastside Midwives and I'm just not clicking with them. I don't feel respected when I go to their office, and I don't really feel like a part of my care. It is kind of like they have the assumption I just watched TBOBB, decided an OOH birth sounded glamorous, and decided to go for it on a whim, which is not the case as I have been researching OOH birth for a year and a half and am pretty well informed and know (as well as any FTM can) what I'm getting into. I'm not an expert, that's why I'm hiring a midwife, to be the expert!, but I do want to feel involved and respected in my care. It feels like what I left an OB practice to avoid, the general feeling of "I'm the authority, just do what I say," except that their philosophy very closely aligns with mine and so I'm mostly OK doing what they say. It's hard to pinpoint and it's not's just not good. I'm picky on my healthcare providers, and I at least want to look at more other options before feeling like I'm settling. They do seem extremely competent and I love Chris, the head midwife...but the group as a whole I just generally feel uncomfortable with.

    Thanks again for all the recommendations! I'm still watching and filing them away!

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  • my coworker is going to Brandy Ross in Lynnwood I was looking into her on my previous pregnancy but went the OB route.  I've heard she is amazing and she is also a naturopath :)  Good luck with your search!
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