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Recommendation for Pediatrician?

I am looking for a pediatrician in the Pleasant Ridge/Kenwood/Hyde Park area. I lean towards physicians that are open to various methods of treatment (not just the "trust me blindly I'm the one with the MD" types). Any recommendations?

Re: Recommendation for Pediatrician?

  • We LOVE Dr. Wetzler at Kenwood Group Health Associates, and also really love Dr. Pramuk in the same office (Dr. Wetzler is my son's primary, but when he is sick we usually end up seeing Pramuk because she has a little more availability). I haven't seen the other two doctors in their office, but am sure they are good as well. I highly recommend their office!
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  • I LOVE Group Health Associates in Kenwood. I see Dr. Pramuk and I love her! I have also seen everyone else in the practice and they are all wonderful :)

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  • You would love Dr Drasnin of ESD pediatrics. They have two offices one in hyde park and one in milford. He is very open to allowing parents to make the ultimate choice in the decisions. Very friendly and funny.. We love him!
  • ESD Pediatrics (across from Rookwood, next to Hitching Post)
  • Dr. Pramuk is also our primary at Group Health. I have always liked her and her methods.
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  • Another recommendation for Dr. Wetzler and Group Health Associates.  I've found that all the pedis there are great and I love that we've never had a problem getting seen the same day for illness.  
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  • We also really like ESD pediatrics in Hyde Park. We see both Parks and Heaton and love them both. I might like Dr. Heaton just a little bit more. They always welcome discussion and questions and give you lots of information to make decisions.
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  • We're also ESD patients, and I've been really happy with them.
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  • Thanks for all the suggestions!
  • I am also putting in a vote for ESD
  • also do not go to hyde park pediatrics. i had some awful experiences there.
  • Our son is only 3 months old, but so far we have really been happy with Dr. Garvin at Pediatrics of Hyde Park (not to be mistaken for H.P. peds).  
  • I will also recommend Group Health Associates, they are amazing!!! I use them for Peds, OB, internal med & surgery! They are great!!!
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  • Thought I would throw in another rec for Group Health in Kenwood, Dr. Wetzler is our primary for the twins, but also have seen Dr. Pramuk and Dr. Rath.  Dr. Rath is pretty young, but very friendly and knowledgeable. I just love Dr. W's and P's temperments, very calm and listen to you.  Very good for first time mom!
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