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BFN this morning (edited) and question about AF after progesterone

I decided to POAS this morning before I went in for my scheduled beta and got a BFN. Like, Big FAT negative. Stark white where a second line would be. So, realistically I am expecting them to call with the same results, but I am trying not to count myself out just yet. Will keep you posted!


Edited- They called. BFN : (

Progesterone level was 18 though, so thats better than the 6 I had last month! They told me to stop the crinone today. How longer after stopping do most people get AF? (I know there is a big range...)

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Re: BFN this morning (edited) and question about AF after progesterone

  • I don't have any advice about AF after progesterone, but I wanted to say I'm sorry about the BFN.  I hope you get your BFP soon!
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  • I am so sorry about the BFN. Hopefully, next month is it! But at least they have a better idea of what you need.
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  • BFNs just stink--I'm sorry!!
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  • I'm so sorry about the BFN, but yay that your body seems to be doing everything else right and you should get a BFP very soon!

    I haven't done crinone, but I took prometrium to induce AF during one cycle and I got AF about 3 days after stopping the prometrium.  But I had to take it to help resolve a cyst so it's a bit of a different situation. 

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  • I'm sorry for the bfn. I've taken prometrium and crinone and with both I got AF within 2-4 days. Good luck next cycle!
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  • Ugh...sorry:(
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  • Oh sweetie, I'm so sorry!
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  • It seems to take me 4-5 days, but I have heard of people starting AF while still on progesterone.  
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  • I'm so sorry hun. 

    It has taken me up to 2 weeks, but last 2 cycles it was 3 days and 4 days. 

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  • ((HUGS)) so sorry about the BFN. 
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