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When to stop using highchair?

Sammy has really been fighting the highchair lately (he's 19 months old).  I can't really use a booster at our dining table for him either because it is a counter height table and the chairs are barstools.  He has a pint-sized table and chair he can use but still doesn't like to sit still.  Any tricks of the trade until he can sit at the regular table?  Or do I force the highchair sit?  He just stands up - he can unbuckle the buckle and stands in the seat...

I'm not so sure about this, Opa!

Re: When to stop using highchair?

  • You could try something like this


    We use ours all the time, especially when we go camping on the picnic table.


  • You should page Justine, she had a similar set-up in her kitchen. 
    [IMG]http://i39.tinypic.com/18bz3s.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i44.tinypic.com/120nv46.jpg[/IMG]

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  • image blueLu25:
    You should page Justine, she had a similar set-up in her kitchen. 

    That's me! 

    At our old house all we had was bar seating at the kitchen island, so we had a space saver highchair strapped to a stool (sounds unsafe, but it wasn't!) till she was 18 months - 2. After that she sat on a bar stool and still does at our new place for breakfast and lunch, but the table (also a higher bar type) for dinner. She did and still does try to climb down, but not very often. She really liked the freedom. You'll just have to sit there with him for the first couple days, most likely.


  • Thanks, ladies!  I have a space saver, but figured it would make it too top heavy... I will have to try it out.  If that doesn't work, I may try the hanging contraption :)


    I'm not so sure about this, Opa!
  • Daycare [they use magic, I swear] gets K to stay in her little chair at the table.  She loses her food if she walks away at snack times, so that worked.

    At home we use a high chair that lowers, so K can walk over and climb in.  Then she raises her hands for the tray.  That seems to do the trick for her - since she's in control of getting in, she stays in.  Is there any way you can make her feel more in control?  That seems to always make the difference for K with everything. 

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