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Finally Found Out Why...Kinda

Well finally saw my OB today. She was with me when I came into L&D and was there when I delivered them. She wasn't my OB during my pregnancy though.

Anyways, as we thought, the placentas came back fine, no clots, nothing. So basically we don't know for sure why it happened. I told her I was scared I just can't carry twins to full term, and she said many women can't, which sucked to hear. :( Also having PCOS makes me more susceptible to miscarriage apparently, but I figure that means early miscarriage, not 2nd tri miscarriage, right? 

Essentially, we have no idea why it happened, but she doesn't seem too concerned about us being able to conceive again, which is good! Also, next time we get pregnant I'll have more ultrasounds and appointments. She said that I can get a cerclage (I think) as well if necessary next time. Nothing seems "wrong" with me, thankfully, like no incompetent cervix or anything since when she checked me only hours before delivery it was tightly shut and I definitely had pain throughout the whole ordeal (thanks Nicole for reminding me of this, too!). Only "problem" is my weight and having PCOS, but many women like me go on to have healthy babies...right? :P

I'm just terrified it'll take us forever to get pregnant again (even though last time it didn't) or that I simply can't carry a baby to term. She seems to think with one baby I'll have no problem. I forgot to ask her whether I'm just at risk for pre-term labour next time, but it still seems like I just had unexplained bleeding which led to my pre-term labour.

The whole thing still majorly sucks of course, but I guess it's maybe a good thing that it is unexplained. The odds of it happening again are very low! *crosses fingers* 

I just wanted to let you wonderful ladies know what happened with my OB. If any of you have any advice or anything to add, I'd love to hear it! And thank you for reading and being here. <3

ETA: She told us to wait until early Feb. to TTC, but I'm seeing her in early Jan., 2 months after losing the babies, to do a follow-up, like maybe blood tests and I assume an internal to make sure I'm doing well. Excited to TTC and get pregnant again. I'm still grieving their loss, and always will to an extent, but I think getting pregnant again will give me hope and help ease some fears, I hope! :P

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Re: Finally Found Out Why...Kinda

  • I like that your new OB is being pro-active and trying to offer up preventive solutions. Mine are also planning lots of ultrasounds, and I think that gives them a better handle of any problems (hopefully there are none!) next time so they can act early.

    Sounds like a pretty good visit!  FX that TTC goes well for you!!

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  • I'm sorry you didn't get a definite answer as to what went wrong. Hopefully that means your future pregnancies will be uncomplicated. I have never heard of pcos causing second trimester miscarriages. I think it's just that pcos is a pretty common disorder, so a handful of people who have late losses will also have pcos.

    For what it's worth I was diagnosed with an incompetent cervix because I was fully dilated before contractions even started. Apparently the incompetent cervix is usually determined by painless dilation. It's nice that you have the choice of a cerclage next time though for peace of mind.

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  • Glad you got some type of answer.

    I was monitored very closely when I was pregnant with Lucas. I went every 2 weeks for regular appointments from 8w on. Once a month I was getting u/s until 26w. Then I started going once a week with u/s every other week. At 30w I started going twice a week with u/s and nsts. They really wanted to make sure my cord wasn't failing. 

    We were told to wait 6m (had a c/s) and at 4m my OB called to check on me and said that we could start trying then if we wanted. It took us 6 cycles to get pregnant with Aidan so we decided to start then. I got pregnant on the first cycle with Lucas. I'm overweight, but I didn't ever look at the scale. I have no idea how much I gained with Lucas because I knew my OB would say something if it was too much.

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