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Elf on a shelf question

So we got the elf, and are excited to begin this new tradition (even though I think Max is still a wee bit young).  Anyway, I keep seeing ideas for elf michief.  I thought that you just hid him/her everyday?  What am I missing here?



Re: Elf on a shelf question

  • Our elf btw named Max...hee hee...he flys back to Santa reports and finds a new spot. Whatever you do now you will have to keep doing. I say keep it easy. Our elf sometimes forgets to move? Oops!
  • I have been wondering what age to start this too. I think the mischief is just extra fun on top of him moving every day. Have you seen the toilet and goldfish cracker one? Lol.
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  • We tarted it last year when Abigail was just 2 and she loved it! She got excited every morning hen she woke up to try to find him. Anyway, when she gets a little older our Elf will start causing mischief. But for now well just do what it says in the book.
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  • I think it just depends on what you want to do...I don't necessarily think he has to cause mischief everyday (ours never has yet, because DH seems to be irrationally concerned that if our Elf doesn't remain up high, out of reach, that the boys will touch him?!).  So mischief up on a high bookshelf seems stupid and I haven't done it yet...I'm a little irritated with him right now for other reasons, LOL :) 

    Anyway, we'll have him doing some "activities" like reading a book, playing with cars, snow angel in flour, fishing in the goldfish, decorating the tree, eating a cookie, etc, but not necessarily making a big mess.

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  • We just got ours a couple days ago.  His name is Manny :-)  For right now, I'm keeping it simple- sitting high on a shelf or the mantle or hanging from the chandelier :-).  Just like Mellie said, I don't want to start up something that I know I won't/can't keep up doing.  So far its working well...  all we have to do is mention Manny and Gavin shapes up. 






  • Our elf, Nicky, doesn't cause mischief.  Like Mel, sometimes we forget to move him, so the best I can do, right now, is try to get him in a different part of the house for the boys to find.  I do keep him high because the boys are not allow to touch him.  They love him, though, and are very easy to get up in the mornings because they can't wait to find Nicky.  They also seem to be on better behavior because all we have to do is mention Nicky, and they act better.
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