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I just realized it was Friday which means it's time for FFFC! What's your Friday confession ladies?
Nicole 32| Julian 29
Cooper: 11/20/11
Julian: EDD 8/1/16
PCOS & Endo. w/ DOR


  • Here's my confession. I know it may make things harder later, but, if he's inconsolable I will pull Cooper into bed. The moment I do he goes quest and is a happy little man. He will sleep up to four hours this way. In the co-sleeper he'll sleep but not as well.

    Okay, your turn!

    Nicole 32| Julian 29
    Cooper: 11/20/11
    Julian: EDD 8/1/16
    PCOS & Endo. w/ DOR

  • I never thought I'd bring a baby in bed, but I do it sometimes, too.  Only a few hours in the morning now and then, but I love it and we both sleep well.
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  • I never thought I would ever cosleep, but I do it too :)  and LOVE It!  Now DS starts in his bed and ends up in our bed by the morning.
  • We co-slept with both kids for the first couple months. It was the best thing, esp for breastfeeding. Tiny babies just need to be held and with their mom or dad, you are really doing exactly the right thing!! 

    Confession: I still have a huge appetite like when I was nursing (been done 6 months now), and last night after freaking Thanksgiving dinner, 8:30pm rolls around and of course I feel STARVING. Wth?? This happens to me every night, but I was too embarrassed to admit that I was hungry after eating SO much earlier, that I just went to bed hungry. It sucked. When will my body go back to normal?!

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