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Kent area daycares

Hello Everyone,

 I am due with my first baby in March and we are activly looking for a daycare. We live in Kent and work downtown. We are open to downtown or Kent recommendations. We would prefer Kent rather than paying $1,600-$1,800. But, if anyone knows of a reasonably priced downtown daycare, I would love to get a recommendation.

Thanks in advance. Have a great day!

Re: Kent area daycares

  • Many of my co-workers take their children to a women who runs an at-home daycare in Kent.  From what I've overheard in their conversations, most of the kids there are infants and toddlers.  I'm not sure if she's completely full or not, but I can get her info for you if you're interested.
  • Hi worldispurple,


    I love her contact information. Thanks so much !

  • no prob!  give me a couple days to figure out how I'm going to ask without tipping off the idea that I'm pregnant!
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